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Jeremy Esquer is an Ann Arbor based avant-garde composer, educator, and guitarist. He has composed works for mixed trio, brass quintet, reed quintet, wind ensemble, two piano two percussion, Pierrot ensemble, solo piano, string quartet and orchestra.  At the age of fifteen, Jeremy was commissioned to arrange a piece for his marching band that was performed at a football game during the halftime show.  Later he had premieres by The University of Michigan Philharmonia Orchestra, two works for Organ, a string quartet, a song cycle, and a reading session by Alarm Will Sound.  As a guitarist he toured Europe with the Cal State LA Guitar Ensemble and performed in Malta for the U.S. ambassador.  He has taught classical guitar, and composition privately, while also tutoring in music theory. He holds multiple degrees in composition from California State University of Los Angeles where he received his BM, and most recently a masters degree from the University of Michigan. Jeremy is now a Doctoral student and graduate student instructor for the University of Michigan. Apart from Jeremy performing on classical guitar, he has also performed with a metal band at the House of Blues, the Queen Mary, and many other venues since the age of twelve. On the guitarrón, as a Mariachi performer, he has performed all over the Imperial Valley in a group called Mariachi Acero Del Valle. Jeremy's ambitions are to complete his doctorate in composition, achieve his non-profit's vision, publish scholarly work, and train the next generation of composers. Jeremy's life work as a composer derives from an extreme curiosity, and hardship that forced him to try and grapple with the reality around him. This means that approaching any topic as a form of “inspiration” must be dealt with the utmost care, that is, every topic is extensively researched to get a closer representation of the object, and less imposition of his own interpretation. This, in turn, is actualized through a spectral lens, and homogeneously with a polytempic polymictronal lens.

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