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As a composer I pursue my art by personifying that of the absolute truth or what can be seen as closest to the truth possible—the best possible solution.  This truth I speak of can be of any object, whether that be foreign from one’s own experience or common to everyday experience. These objects can be trees, animals, cells, elements, stars, DNA, disease, storms, sand, math, and anything that can arise with commonality to that of nature. 

The art that I manifest is here to give knowledge and understanding, whether that be through an emotional connection or purely a logical one, or both. My music is not just for mere entertainment, but something to be used to allow understanding to flow through the human psyche. Allowing oneself to not necessarily dilute what is existing, but merely acting as a mediator to present what is fact, is a methodology to which I attempt to hone into to allow audiences to establish a perception of what is translated into a sonic medium.  

To pursue my attempt of depicting what is the absolute truth (or closest to truth as possible, that is, the best possible solution), I use elements of spectralism, timbral based ideas, or other tools that might be necessary from composition to composition. My writings do not favor any instrument, and I make it my goal to understand what their capabilities are to borrow them to extend my message to every facet of the world. This also connects with establishing relationships with musicians, that, who believe in my mission, will not only extend their instrumental knowledge, but their hand to deliver my message by communicating it out through their invaluable performances. 

This mission is not to remedy a wanting of artistry, or satisfaction of oneself, but rather to give something of preexisting meaningful being to the world through a mutually understood communicative tongue.  

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