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As a composer, I am on a relentless quest to embody the very essence of absolute truth, striving to encapsulate the purest essence of what can be perceived as the closest approximation to truth itself—it is the ultimate puzzle to unravel. This truth I seek to encapsulate knows no boundaries; it transcends the realm of the unfamiliar, stretching its embrace to encompass the mundane facets of everyday life. It takes form in the shape of trees, animals, cells, elements, stars, DNA, disease, storms, sand, mathematics, and anything that shares commonality with the intricate tapestry of nature.

My art is not a mere spectacle for entertainment; it is a conduit to share a perspective that is immediately available but sometimes not paid attention to. It serves as a bridge between the emotional and the rational, fusing both into a harmonious symphony of comprehension. Through my music, I aspire to enrich the human psyche with knowledge, enabling a deeper understanding of the world that surrounds us. My aim is not to dilute the existing reality but to act as a mediator, presenting the unadulterated facts in a form that resonates as a sonic revelation.

In pursuit of this mission, I employ a diverse arsenal of compositional techniques, drawing inspiration from spectralism, timbral exploration, polytempic polymicrotonality, and any other tools that the particular composition demands. I do not discriminate among instruments, for I believe that each one possesses a unique voice waiting to be harnessed. I strive to comprehend the full spectrum of their capabilities, extending my message to touch every facet of our world. This endeavor also involves forging deep connections with musicians who share my vision. Together, we not only expand their instrumental prowess but also collaborate to articulate my message through their invaluable performances.

This mission is not an endeavor born of personal ambition or self-satisfaction. It is a quest to bestow upon the world a gift of profound meaning, expressed through a universally understood language of communication—a gesture of shared humanity and collective understanding.

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